WooCommerce Online Sales Plugin

In order to handle a wide variety of online inventory and sales needs, our Web Design Team has chosen WooCommerce as the best plugin for our WordPress companies choosing to sell their products online.  Our selection was based on ease of use, accuracy, and features available for our users.

The basic package for WooCommerce includes:


  1. Products can be entered as Simple or Variable. Variable products allow for the entry of one product, such as a Tee-Shirt, and then the “variables”, such as size and color.
  2. Each variable of a product can have a different price, image, and/or shipping class.
  3. Variable products can also include a customer-entered line, such as a monogram to be added.
  4. Related products can be grouped and included with the product.


  1. The ability to enter sales taxes for your area and provide you with reports.
  2. Ability to enter various shipping costs, defined as per order; per product; or per class.
  3. Ability to select the states and countries in your selling area.
  4. Ability to add handling charges to orders.
  5. Automatic email generation of customer invoices, with your company logo.
  6. Orders are available to you immediately.
  7. Sales report by date; category; or product.
  8. Coupons can be entered and maintained easily.


  1. Top Rated and Recently Viewed products can be set to automatically update and display on any webpage of your site.
  2. A search feature on your website will access all of your products and product information.
  3. Customer review entry and display for all products.


The options available to add to your WooCommerce are numerous, and we have not listed them all here.  Listed below are a few of the more popular add-ons:

  1. Post Office shipping
  2. Fed-Ex Shipping
  3. UPS Shipping
  4. Credit card Payments

We invite you to contact our Web Design Team to explore your specific options for WooCommerce on your website to enhance your online sales.