What is a WordPress Plugin – What Does It Mean To You

A Plugin is a specific software program, designed to perform a specific function and to interface with WordPress.  Think of it as an “App” for your website.  As of last count, there were 33,495 plugins for WordPress, with over 752 Million downloads of these plugins.

What does that mean to you?  It means that you have a huge group of programmers designing programs that can be used on your website, and an even larger group of people already using it.  And, best of all, you do not need to pay them to do this!

The large base of plugins is the main reason our Web Design Team has selected WordPress as our website design base.  We can now provide our clients with the customizations they need for their specific business, and keep costs very reasonable.  We feel so strongly about the positive benefits of WordPress that we are converting our clients from their old propriety web builder to WordPress.  After all, almost 25% of all websites worldwide are using WordPress, and that number is growing every day.

The Web Design Team carefully reviews each plugin before using it on a client’s website.  Often, there are several plugins doing the same function, and we will review them prior to adding them to your website.

We look for the following:


  • Is it efficient to run, and does it provide all of the necessary components required for our clients.


  • Is the plugin regularly updated with good support, so that our Web Design Team can maintain the plugin for our clients.

Ease of Use:

  • Is it easy to use the plugin so that our clients who want to can maintain their own site can make changes and/or additions.

User Base:

  • Has this plugin been used and tested by a large group of users.

Once the plugin has been reviewed and tested by our Web Design Team, it is added to our approved plugin list and is available for all of our clients.

Now, when our clients call and ask our Web Design Team if they can add something to their website without spending a lot of money, or having it take a long time, the answer is Yes We Can!

In following blog posts, I will be reviewing some of the plugins our Web Design Team is currently using on your websites.

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