Updating – Adding Pages to Website Menu

When our Web Design Team created your WordPress website, we also created a custom menu for all of your existing pages.  However, over time, you have added additional pages, or possibly deleted existing pages.  How do you get your menu to be correct?

As is usual for WordPress, there are numerous tutorials on creating and updating menus.

If you need more information, just do a search on YouTube WordPress Menus and review the videos.

Included in this blog are some screenshots that will also provide training information on modifying your menu.

Accessing Your Menus:  See Figure 1.

Select Appearance on your Dashboard, and then select menus

All pages for your website will be under Pages.  Recent Pages are listed under Most Recent.  If you need to see all pages, select View All which will list all the pages in alphabetical order.

Put a Checkmark next to the page you want to add to your menu.  In our example, there is a checkmark next to Website Building which is our Home page.

Changing name for Menu:  See Figure 2

In our example, our home page is titled Website Building, however, we want our visitors to see Home.  The field Navigation label is where you can type the name you want your visitors to see on your website menu.

Adding Additional Pages: See Figure 3

Put a checkmark on each page you want to add to your menu and select Add to Menu button.  The pages will display under Menu Structure.  Note that the button we previously created now shows Home as its label.

Re-arranging the menu items, and creating submenus:  See Figure 4

You can re-arrange the order, and create submenus easily by just grabbing the box with the menu name and positioning it wherever you want it.  We want the page Themes to be a submenu of Themes Demonstration.  By indenting Themes under Theme Demonstration, we automatically create a drop-down menu that displays when Theme Demonstration is selected on our website menu.

As always, if you need further help with your menus, our Web Design Team will be happy to assist you.