Improving Search Engine Optimization-SEO Part 1

Ever wonder why, when you have a better website than your competitors, with better images and content, you are not getting many visitors to your website?  Your website is probably not “search friendly”!  Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements to find your website and show it on search inquiries.

SEO requirements are always changing and improving, and if your website has not been updated recently, it is probably not current with today’s SEO requirements.  This means it will not be easily found on searches.

Our Web Design Team is thoroughly familiar with search engine optimization requirements, and we will design your WordPress website using this criteria.  However, by using a specific WordPress Plugin, we are able to make sure your website is extremely search engine friendly and current with all requirements.

After reviewing the many search engine plugins available for WordPress, our Web Design Team has chosen Yoast Search Engine Optimization Plugin ( as the best plugin to obtain excellent SEO results.

Yoast SEO plugin is specifically programed to “read” the web page and look for all of SEO requirements and/or potential problems.  Yoast keeps their plugin current with the major search engine changes and updates the Plugin as necessary.

Our Web Design Team runs Yoast Plugin for all of your web pages, and the results are then displayed to the team.  Using these results and suggestions, we can make immediate changes to your web page to improve your SEO.

See out next blog, Part II where we describe the best SEO web page, and some common SEO problems.